is an alternative network that allows ads publication of art pieces. It is totally free, art lovers can directly reach sellers, whether they are Artists or Collectors.

Thus everyone can offer art works for sale and touch a large public.

This approach aims to highlight original and authentic works by artists from all horizons. The artistic eclecticism is at the “rendez-vous”, a great choice of art pieces is offered to visitors.

-   "Everyone can find in a little Artist things that speak to him" Mylène, paintor.

This alternative tends to democratize the art market:

-   Against the dictates of elitist art

-   Against mass art selling by several big stores

Let yourself come into freedom of expression and contemplation.

Basse cour 2


French Countryside

Montreal 2017-11-15 5 total views, 0 today

Beautiful piece from French artist. Found it on flea market.



The wise man

Toulouse 2017-11-13 6 total views, 0 today

The wise man is the portrait of and old man, having something of a child in him.

Le fruit défendu


The shame, the forbidden fruit

Auch 2017-11-05 8 total views, 0 today

Painting on canvas

Sombrero Vueltiao


Sombrero vueltiao

Toulouse 2017-11-05 7 total views, 0 today

Traditionnal colombian hat, handmade with canne à flèche

La déliquescence


La déliquescence

Toulouse 2017-11-05 8 total views, 0 today

Digital photo printed on canvas



Toulouse 2017-11-02 11 total views, 0 today

Portrait d’une femme Bulle de pensée Que voyez vous dans ce regard?




Toulouse 2017-11-01 9 total views, 0 today

Horse in movement

Picador 2


EL Picador

Montréal 2017-10-24 20 total views, 0 today

Picture of a Picador Paintor history… Meaning…


Modigliani’s Wife

Montréal 2017-10-21 17 total views, 0 today

Painting inspired by Modigliani’s artwork. Paintor: Foley Found in the street


La Carafe

, New-York 2017-10-21 16 total views, 0 today

Ready made: Carafe + bouchon de vin

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