Art Giveaway for Christmas

Last December, ArtWe has put into play a work on paper by french artist Mylène as part of an Instagram giveway contest. This event was launched to highlight the symbolic stage of 300 artworks exhibited on its online Art Galleries [Montréal & Toronto].

Winner was disclosed on December the 4th, her name: Ji Soo Kim, a young art lover living in San José, Costa-Rica!

Ji Soo Kim’s short interview

– Short presentation of yourself: Ji Soo Kim, 21 years old, working in paralegal field & future lawyer.

– When did you start becoming an “Art Lover”? At 15, the first time I went to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in NYC. I completely fell in love with it all. 

– What type of art are you sensitive to ? Impressionism.

– What attracts you to art ?  Its ability to communicate feelings, thoughts and to transcend time, ages and cultures. 

– How art interacts with your daily life ? It motivates me, gives me peace and helps me relax. I tend to like “peaceful” impressionist paintings for that reason. 

– What was the first art piece you owned ? My sister used to sketch a lot, so I have several of her sketches, which I love (don´t know if that counts). YES IT DOES!

– Your favorite artist(s) of all time ? Claude Monet, Eugene Delacroix, Van Gogh, Renoir and Bouguereau. 

– If you could own the artwork you want, which one would you choose ? Garden at Sainte Adresse, Monet.

Garden at Saint-Adresse, oil on canvas, 38 5/8 x 51 1/8 in. (98.1 x 129.9 cm), 1867

– How did you hear about ArtWe ? Via this giveaway, on instagram.

– Your feelings / reactions about the ArtWe’s giveaway artwork you won? Extremely happy and excited to find a perfect place for it in my home. 

Ji Soo Kim holding the work on paper that she has won

Team ArtWe

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