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ArtWe Exhibition took place in Montréal on June 16th and 17th, 2018. It highlighted original and authentic artworks created by local artists from Montréal and its surroundings. The event had a casual, friendly, and artistic ambiance with live music, artistic creation and a bit of impostering!

Many people attended and experienced a new approach to art.

A Successful Local Art Exhibition

More than 100 people came to the St-Henri district in the west island to attend this informal art exhibition in an informal setting: a co-working space.

Zoé Boivin’ s paintings / Photo credit Yoann Shon Gehlen

A selection of artwork from nine local artists was exhibited during the event. Artistic eclecticism was the intention, which allowed for greater variety in taste. People could enjoy the visual delight.

View of the exhibition set-up / Photos credit Yoann Shon Gehlen
Piece of art by Pascal Normand / Photos credit Yoann Shon Gehlen

In light of the Zero Commission principle that ArtWe emphasizes as its core value, all profits from sales went directly to the artists. Three pieces of artwork were sold during the event; a good start!

  • Quinten Sheriff – Painting
  • Caroline Bertrand – Drawing
  • Jean-Louis Derrey – Photography


The CrowdPainting concept took place during the exhibition. A large blank canvas was set up and each visitor could add their personal touch to it… it didn’t matter if you had artistic talent or not!

It ended up being a very expressive piece of art full of details. A great artistic success!

Crowdpainting in progress / Photo credit Yoann Shon Gehlen

Live Music

The evening would not have been complete without the participation of young musicians from the up and coming Montreal scene who came to play live during the evening. It brought a new dimension to the exhibition, allowing the public to enjoy a full and rich artistic experience. 

Bel&Quinn and James Clayton & Mutzi

An Impostor!

What a great impostor performance by Léo Hardt, a talented French comedian who lives in Montréal. For more than an hour he played Ruben, an extravagant and horrid Spanish artist. Imbued with his personality, he did not hesitate to tease the audience with the intonations of this crazy character, someone called a “famous artist” in Europe. What’s wrong with him?!

Was that a critic of the art world who sometimes walks on his head? Perhaps.

Was it the antithesis of ArtWe? Yes indeed!

He finished his impostor performance with a hilarious live skit and then revealed his identity. It was a great success with the public and a highlight of the evening.

A Gold Team of Volunteers

A friendly volunteer band greatly contributed to the night’s success: from photographers to comedians and admissions, it was a gold team! Thanks to them for everything.

The Gold Team

Next event coming up soon! Stay tuned

Team Artwe

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