Fall Picks – Toronto

Autumn settles on our land, bringing colors and melancholic sceneries with it; a piece of art in itself. Little by little, our outdoor activities are moving back inside our homes. What’s more pleasant than feeling cozy in a room enriched by original art? This fall, ArtWe invites you to experience the colorful autumn season, as

Arty Summer – Toronto

Summer, a season when life goes smoother and people can enjoy free time and vacations. Summer, a time to go somewhere else, physically or mentally. Art and culture are a means of escape, providing a one-way ticket to discovery and an opportunity to deeply nourish our spirit and inner selves. This summer, ArtWe invites you

Spring Picks – ArtWe Toronto

Spring has arrived, sweeping away a harsh winter marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Human activities have been deeply affected, and the art world has been shaken to its core. Yet, as often happens in times of trouble, creativity has increased ten fold. It’s time to turn the page. Everyone at our level can participate in

Winter Picks – ArtWe Toronto

Each season of the year, the ArtWe team highlights work that shines with quality and originality. These are the gallery’s picks! Far from being an object of everyday consumption, artwork is imbued with humanity and meaning. It’s a material escape from everyday life, expressing emotions and ideas beyond language. This winter selection (5 artists /

Opening in Montréal & Toronto!

It’s live! Your Local Art Web Galleries for MONTREAL and TORONTO are now open.  What does that mean for you? If you are an Artist If you are an Art Lover Artist: Be local! It’s an opportunity for you to get a huge LOCAL VISIBILITY and to become the artist of your neighborhood. Submit a