Opening in London!

It’s live! After Montreal and Toronto, our new Web Local Art Gallery has arrived in London! It inaugurates ArtWe’s first European Gallery, and we are confident that it will shed light on an eclectic selection of local artists. What does it mean for you? If you are an Artist If you are an Art Lover

Opening in Montréal & Toronto!

It’s live! Your Local Art Web Galleries for MONTREAL and TORONTO are now open.  What does that mean for you? If you are an Artist If you are an Art Lover Artist: Be local! It’s an opportunity for you to get a huge LOCAL VISIBILITY and to become the artist of your neighborhood. Submit a

Artwe: A New Approach

Art is the shortest way from Man to Man. It is upon this catchphrase that ArtWe builds its approach: to demystify art and make it accessible to all. Alfred Stieglitz, a great name in the American art scene from the early 20th century, had already noted in 1916, that the artistic approach proposed by the

CrowdPainting In Montréal

It was an evening when people could enter into a space and view the artists’ exhibited paintings and sculptures. The ambiance was welcoming and friendly; a down-to-earth place where creative blends, rich encounters and open-mindedness was encouraged. At the entrance, there was a large white canvas placed on an easel and accompanied by brushes, knives,