Fall Picks – Montréal

Autumn settles on our land, bringing colors and melancholic sceneries with it; a piece of art in itself.

Little by little, our outdoor activities are moving back inside our homes. What’s more pleasant than feeling cozy in a room enriched by original art?

This fall, ArtWe invites you to experience the colorful autumn season, as reflected in our local artists’ minds.

Our selected pieces are a fantastic way to adorn your walls with character and authenticity at affordable prices ranging from $200 to $1,800.

Contemporary art, made accessible.

Lisa Carney: Serene Expressivity

Neighborhood: Rive-Nord

Lisa Carney perpetuates the grand tradition of Abstract Expressionism in her art. Many of the most famous names in the art world were built from this artistic genre, from America’s Jackson Pollock and his « action painting » to Canada’s Jean-Paul Riopelle’s large and highly textured canvases.

Her style, however, introduces a new perspective. Her violent splatters of paints on a neutral and light background create a rich contrast in the serene expressivity found in her canvases.

Midday Dream – 1,600 CAD

Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 in, 2020 by Lisa Carney

Plum Frost – 1,300 CAD

Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 in, 2016 by Lisa Carney

Christine Marlow: Impressionist Master

Neighborhood: Le Sud-Ouest

Montreal’s Christine Marlow stands out as a virtuoso of landscape painting. Nature is a recurring theme in her work; her Impressionist painting techniques depict nature’s beauty in all its grandeur.

Her Summer’s Last Call and Ranunculus are stunning paintings that will grâce any wall in your home or office.

Summer’s Last Call – 1,000 CAD

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36 in, 2020 by Christine Marlow

Ranunculus – 300 CAD

Oil on wood gallery panel, 12 x 12 in, 2019 by Christine Marlow

Dwight Baird: Snowy Montréal

Neighborhood: Le Sud-Ouest

Dwight Baird is currently exhibiting several figurative paintings on ArtWe.  The realism and artistic features of his snowy landscapes perfectly depict a cold Montréal winter.

The ArtWe team is thrilled to have Mr. Baird’s paintings on display this fall.

Best Friends – 1,850 CAD

Acrylic on wood panel, 10 x 15 in, 2018 by Dwight Baird

Behind‘The Main – 1,850 CAD

Acrylic on wood panel, 15 x 10 in, 2019 by Dwight Baird

Dorothy Grostern: Mysterious Canvases

Neighborhood: Le Sud-Ouest

This new set of Dorothy’s artwork allows us to discover new themes in her repertoire. Besides her well-known bestiary work, she also paints mysterious figurative canvases that carry deep, hidden symbolism about her own life.

Here is one example of each theme for our viewing pleasure.

Another Red Chair – 1,800 CAD

Oil on canvas, 50 x 35 in, 2018 by Dorothy Grostern

King of the Jungle – 500 CAD

Pastel, 30 x 22 in, 2019 by Dorothy Grostern

Monika Patel: Bold Creations

Neighborhood: Côte-Des-Neiges

Monika Patel is a name for Montréal art lovers to remember. Her pictural style is comprised of geometric shapes inherited from Cubism and knife strokes derived from the Expressionists. Her color palette is fearless when it comes to playing with contrast.

For all these reasons, Monika’s canvases are a great pick for any contemporary art lover.

Shades of Blue – 500 CAD

Acrylic painting and gold-leaf on paper, 48 x 35 in, 2020 by Monika Patel

Impasto of Green – 200 CAD

Acrylic paint and texture gel medium on canvas, 26 x 27 in, 2020 by Monika Patel

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