For Art Lovers

ArtWe's Benefits for Art Lovers

  • An opportunity to explore the art around your area
  • An eclectic selection of artworks
  • Directory of emerging & local artists
  • Contemporary art at an affordable price
  • The chance to make your own deal with artists
  • The chance to buy art online

3 steps to Go

1- Look for Artworks

Explore the art available in your City & Neighborhood. Are you looking for abstract paintings? Landscape photographs? Use our filter bar and find exactly what you want.

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2- Make your own deal

Art lovers and artists can make their own deals regarding the commercial and logistical details related to the ownership rights and transfer of the artwork.

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3- or Buy it on ArtWe!

Let ArtWe play the intermediary role for you. Purchase works via our payment gateway and enjoy our secure support. We will help making the sale a success.

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1-Look for Artwork. Art is all around you

Art lovers can look for works of art in different ways:

  • By Category: Are you looking for Painting? Photograph? Or something else? Dig in our multiple categories.
  • By Style: From Figurative works to Abstract ones, Portraiture to Landscape, our many styles will help you to browse what you are looking for.
  • By Keyword: Make your own specific search with the keywords field. You can type anything you want (an Artist’s name, an Artwork's title...etc).
  • By Location: Look for art in the whole the City or explore by Neighborhoods.
  • By Price: You can easily filter artworks by Price [< 250 | < 500 | < 1000]. So you can see the art you can afford.

Start discovering artworks in your city with our Artwork Gallery.

2-Make your own deal. Bring artworks home

When an art lover is interested in a piece of art, he can contact directly the artist without any intermediary. It is the cheapest way to buy art because no intermediary means no commission.
A contact form is located on the artwork’s page for this purpose. It also contains a "make an offer" section to easily propose a price and a delivery method to the artist.

We strongly recommend the parties to meet up to finalize their deal. Meeting the artist is one of the highlights of purchasing a piece of art via ArtWe. It is also the best way to:

  • Make sure you are fully satisfied with the artwork
  • See other pieces of artwork from the same artist
  • Avoid scams and misunderstandings

Important: Before meeting anyone in person for buying/selling art, be sure to carefully review our General Advice page.

3-or Buy it on ArtWe! Secure your transaction

Whenever you see a work of art with a cart or a button Buy It on ArtWe it means that it can be purchased online via our payment gateways.
When this option is chosen, ArtWe acts as an intermediary between buyer and seller.

It's more secure in many ways:

  • Artwe holds the buyer's funds until the sale is successful
  • If a problem occurs and the sale doesn't take place, ArtWe refunds the buyer immediately
  • When the delivery is made, ArtWe transfers the funds to the seller

So neither party has to worry about money on delivery day.

About the Delivery

  • ArtWe helps to co-ordinate the delivery, but it remains the responsibility of the buyer & seller
  • They must choose their delivery option (we are talking local scale)
  • Depending on the chosen delivery option, small delivery fees can apply (usually not since we operate on a local scale).

For more information, check our page Online Sale