The way under Justice, digital painting, 14 x 10 inches, 2020 by Myungja Anna Koh

About the work:

I believe in most difficult periods such as social oppression or pandemic, art becomes even more vital, offering hope and overcome.
(Description one of the works)
There is an angel named Justice. He also wants to fly according to the wishes of many people. And everyone wants to see the angel. How wonderful it would be to see angels flying in the beautiful sky. But the angel can’t go any further, trapped in the many prejudices created by people who want Justice but indeed don’t really want it. He has no arms, so he can’t remove the twisted wire from which he is trapped. The angel has no arms because he cut them himself off. He removed his arms because doesn’t want to lean right or left. But instead, his righteous heart prevents him from clearing the obstacles in front of him. Just because it’s good doesn’t ironically fight more evil.