Waiting at the Tracks rue Saint-Ambroise, Pigment oil stick on canvas, 18 x 24 x 2 inches, 2020 by Sandra Boorne

#Contemporary #Figurative #Impressionism #Landscape
About the work:

« The construction of a Rail-road from the City of Montreal to Lachine, would greatly contribute to the facility of intercourse between Upper and Lower Canada, and to the advantage of the City of Montreal and of the Province generally. »

On November 19, 1847, the Montreal-Lachine railway line was inaugurated at the old station located on rue Bonaventure (now rue Saint-Jacques), near the corner of rue Peel. It was built to bypass the Lachine Rapids.
The “La Minerve” newspaper reports that 250 people are present for the first departure.
The 8 mile (13 km) journey crosses Little Burgundy, crosses what is now Notre-Dame Street and passes through the “Village des Tanneries” (Saint-Henri).
The arrival of the railroad in Montreal also coincided with that of the first telegraph line, a new technology first used by rail companies. Still today, a modified series of railroad tracks run through Saint-Henri.

This crossing, situated on Saint-Ambroise and Saint-Augustin streets is an integral part of daily life in Saint-Henri as it has been for over 150 years.