Saint-Ambroise et Saint-Augustin, Oil on Canvas, 12 x 12 x 2 inches, 2020 by Sandra Boorne

#Contemporary #Expressionism #Landscape
About the work:

One of the three village nuclei of the future Saint-Henri district is called the Village of Saint-Augustin. In the first half of the 19th century, the lands of St. Augustin were part of the huge Hugh Brodie farm. After a series of numerous transactions, a man named Arthur Webster became the owner of the farms in the early 1850s. He created lots, and began to sell land in 1855.A village nucleus formed, following the industrial development of the time.Halfway between the former village of Saint-Henri-des-Tanneries and the factories of Griffintown, the village of Saint-Augustin was located near the Montreal-Lachine rail line. Beginning in 1857, the Grand Trunk network was built west of rue Saint-Augustin. In the late 1850s, the Moseley family, who came from the United States, settled in the village and opened the first industrial tannery on rue Saint-Ambroise. Their company is at this time the only large manufacturer in the area. It will provide work for many of the residents who settle in the area.