Atwater Lights, Oil on canvas, 24 x 18 x 1 inches, 2020 by Sandra Boorne

#Contemporary #Landscape
About the work:

Returning from my studio every evening, these yellow lamps slowly light up the evening sky surrounding the Atwater market. Atwater Market takes its name from the adjacent Atwater Street, which was named in 1871 after Edwin Atwater, a municipal alderman of the district of Saint-Antoine. Atwater Market is located in the Saint-Henri district. It opened in 1933. The interior market is home to butchers, cheese shops, a bakery and restaurant. The outside market has many farmers’ stalls, which sell both local and imported produce. It’s a popular place during all seasons as the lights illuminate everything from Christmas trees in December to annual plants in spring. Autumn is my favourite when all sizes and varieties of pumpkins are lit by these iconic yellow lamps.