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Each season of the year, the ArtWe team highlights work that shines with quality and originality. These are the gallery’s picks!

Far from being an object of everyday consumption, artwork is imbued with humanity and meaning. It’s a material escape from everyday life, expressing emotions and ideas beyond language.

This winter selection (5 artists / 9 works) invites you to discover the local art and artists of Toronto.

The pieces are a great way to adorn your walls with character and authenticity, with prices ranging from $150 to $2,500.

Elizabeth Jackson Hall: The oil painting Master

Neighborhood: West-end

Elizabeth is a Toronto-based artist who primarily paints in oil. The finesse of her touch, intensity of her color palette, and balance of her compositions set her apart as a master when it comes to oil painting.

Modern Love 2500 CAD

Oil on Canvas, 28 x 48 (inches), 2019 by Elizabeth Jackson Hall

So Abundant 1200 CAD

Oil on Canvas, 36 x 32 (inches), 2017 by Elizabeth Jackson Hall

Kurt Rostek: Neo-Expressionism at its best

Neighborhood: Midtown

Kurt Rostek is an artist who describes himself as “just a simple painter.” His pictorial research, whether abstract or figurative, carries great depth. The Albert Einstein quote, “Art is the expression of the deepest thoughts in the simplest way,” is a perfect illustration of Kurt’s approach.

Graphitus 3 – 1100 CAD

Oil and graphite on canvas, 50 x 38 (inches), 2018 by Kurt Rostek

Still Peoniea – 550 CAD

Oil on canvas, 14 x 16 (inches), 2019 by Kurt Rostek

Saima Naveed: This red field

City: Mississauga

Saima Naveed is a painter based in Mississauga. We know very little about the artist, but her unique work exhibited on ArtWe is of undoubtedly high quality.

Poppy Field – 150 CAD

poppy field
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 (cm) by Saima Naveed

Ingrid T Whitaker: Her Singular Universe

Neighborhood: West End

Ingrid T. Whitaker is a multidisciplinary artist who’s lived in Europe for a long time. Her singular artistic universe is at the origin of the almost “lunar” atmosphere that emerges from her paintings, between melancholy and poetry.

Lady in Red – 350 CAD

lady in red
Oil on board, 20 x 16 (inches) by Ingrid L Whitaker

Birches at Night – 350 CAD

Birches at Night
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 20 (inches) by Ingrid L Whitaker

Patrick Nunziata: Stunning Abstractions

Neighborhood: Etobicoke

Patrick Nunziata is an emerging artist based in Etobicoke. The artist‘s pictorial style consists of strong, wavy lines with intense color. His paintings liberate power and balance at the same time, making them a safe bet for lovers of abstract expressionism.

TP31RY 1 – 250 CAD

Oil on canvas, 12 x 14 (inches) 2019 by Patrick Nunziata

TP31RY – 264 CAD

Oil on canvas, 16 x 13 (inches), 2019 by Patrick Nunziata

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