Fall Picks – Toronto

Autumn settles on our land, bringing colors and melancholic sceneries with it; a piece of art in itself.

Little by little, our outdoor activities are moving back inside our homes. What’s more pleasant than feeling cozy in a room enriched by original art?

This fall, ArtWe invites you to experience the colorful autumn season, as reflected in our local artists’ minds.

Our selected pieces are a fantastic way to adorn your walls with character and authenticity at affordable prices ranging from $95 to $700.

Contemporary art, made accessible.

Manuela Moldovan: Unexplored paths

Neighborhood: Downtown

Manuela Moldovan is forging new paths in the field of Expressionist art. She relies on multiple techniques, materials, shapes, and colors to create her impressive art pieces. The canvases often end up greatly textured and rich with artistic embellishments.

Manuela’s works are a safe bet that do a great job of representing Toronto’s contemporary art scene.

My Fantasy Forest – 700 CAD

Mixed-media collage, 48 x 24 in, 2020 by Manuela Moldovan

Tropical Fantasy – 600 CAD

Mixed-Media, 30 x 24 in, 2020 by Manuela Moldovan

Toresa Looui: A Fauvist Sky

Neighborhood: East York

Toresa Looui’s  paintings are a real find for the ArtWe team. Just like the Fauvists once led by Paul Cézanne, she relies on a lively color palette and Impressionist gestures to instill a particular atmosphere on the canvas.

What an incredible sky we have here!

My color study journal #1 – 120 CAD

Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 12 in, 2020 by Toresa Looui

First Snow up north Ontario – 120 CAD

Acrylic on canvas, mixed medium, 12 x 12 in, 2020 by Toresa Looui

Dina Belaia: Tribute to Cubism

Neighborhood: East End

We can fully appreciate Dina Belaia’s skills and technique, (an artist recently discovered on ArtWe Toronto), through her works Ruins and Imaginary Hug.

With Ruins, she returns to a well-known era of art history: Cubism. Dina pays tribute to Picasso, Braque, and their fellow Cubist friends while giving a nod to Rodin’s Thinker in her portrayal of the main character’s behavior. With Imaginary Hug she gets closer to Francis Bacon.

Both are splendid pieces of art.

Ruins – 350 CAD

Graphite on paper, 21 x 17 in, 2011 by Dina Belaia

Imaginary Hug – 200 CAD

Graphite, parchment paper, 12 x 9 inches by Dina Belaia

Victor Helfand: Unspoken Poetry

Neighborhood: Downtown

Victor Helfand is able to capture unique images with his camera. His realistic approach works in various situations, whether a 1970s urban landscape or New Mexican country side scenery. Victor’s art tends to represent the grit of life, and deals with social issues, hard times, and poverty.

He also inserts a glimpse of poetry into all his photographs, creating an artistic signature.

John Lennon for Prime Minister – 95 CAD

Giclee Print, 11 x 14 in, 2020 by Victor Helfand

Acoma Pueblo – 95 CAD

Giclee Print, 8 x 10 in, 2020 by Victor Helfand

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